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Donated computers to 30 female students

The Morogoro Women Training Center (MWTC) of the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) has donated computers to 30 female students, from disadvantaged Maasai, Wanguu and Wakaguru families in Morogoro region. These computers are part of the University scholarship for these students, under the auspices of the University Scholarship Project of Bread for the World in Germany. A total of Tsh. 37,500,000 (Thirty-seven million five hundred thousand) has been spent on the purchase of computers that will shape the professional development of the girls. The aim of the three-year project, which began in 2021-2024, is to enable girls to continue their higher education so that they can be the catalyst for development and bring about a change in attitudes in tribal communities, including traditions and customs that discriminate and oppress girls. The 30 students are studying at various colleges here in Tanzania